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air race  

The Vegas Showbirds continue their journey on the second day
of the trip to Oklahoma City, (weather is becoming a factor now).

Thursday, June 14th - enroute from Amarillo (KAMA) to Stafford (KOJA)

OK flooding  

Widespread flooding in northern Texas left streams and fields flooded and swollen with 6 inches of water in one day.

cant go to OKC  
We tried to go around the weather when we left Amarillo by going south. Our plan was to go south then east and then northeast to Oklahoma City. We were stopped by weather...big weather!

flight guide  

Mardell reviews the flight guide for an unplanned stop just west of Oklahoma City. We located Stafford airport in Weatherford, Oklahoma.


Weatherford has a blast from the past!
We highly recommend Lucille's Roadhouse, a delightful drift back in time to the era of Route 66, and packed with amazing memorabilia and FANTASTIC food with wonderful service.

roadhouse   Bill Lindsay, owner of Lucille's Roadhouse Steakhouse and Grill, gives the Vegas Showbirds a tour before dining. From left to right: Theresa Bower, Kathleen Snaper, Bill Lindsay, and Mardell Haskins. You don't find hospitality like this too often!

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