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What's all this about an air race?

The Air Race Classic is June 19-22 2007, and southern Nevada's premiere team the VEGAS SHOWBIRDS
is taking flight in this all women's transcontinental race.

Links to photos of daily activites listed below

The VEGAS SHOWBIRDS are a trio of dynamic aviators:

Kathleen Snaper, pilot in command

Mardell Haskins, co-pilot and navigator

Theresa Bower, crew and media liason

The Air Race Classic began in Oklahoma City on June 19th.
This race course ran across the midwest and up in to
the north eastern US, crossing the international border.
The finish line was in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
on June 22nd.

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Kathleen and Mardell test radios  
Kathleen and Mardell test radio and
navigation instruments in the Mooney
as part of the race preparations.
Mooney with Classic 30  

Classic Team 30's aircraft
an M20J Mooney, is owned by
Russell Avery, Las Vegas, NV.


June 13th - leaving Las Vegas NV
June 13th - enroute from Las Vegas NV to Albuquerque NM
June 14th - enroute from Albuquerque NM to Amarillo TX
June 14th - enroute from Amarillo to Weatherman-Stafford OK
June 15th - enroute from Weatherman-Stafford to Wiley Post OK
June 16th - Wiley Post airport OK - credentials and inspections
June 17th - Oklahoma City pre-race events
June 18th - Oklahoma City safety meeting and pilot briefing
June 19th - The first day of the race, leg 1 and 2 of 9
June 20th - The second day of the race, legs 3, 4 and 5, of 9
June 21st - The third day of the race, legs 6, 7, and 8 of 9
June 22nd - The last day of the race, and the last leg to St. John
June 23rd - A day of sightseeing in St. John, New Brunswick
June 24th - Awards ceremony in St. John on the last day in NB
June 25th - We start back to the U.S. from St. John to New York
June 26th - Going home westward bound New York to Indiana
June 27th - Homeward bound Indiana to Missouri to Oklahoma

June 28th - Oklahoma to New Mexico to Las Vegas NV - HOME!