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Mardell Haskins,
Co-pilot / Navigator,
Vegas Showbirds
Classic Team 30



Mardell Haskins, Co-pilot / Navigator
Flight time 2,000 hours
124 Air Races,
Air Race Classic Winner 1990, 1991
Air Race Competitor since 1982
Retired Construction Consultant
Lived in Overton since 1989

Contact phone: (702) 300-4922
(note that there may be a delay in returned calls
due to loss of cell phone - to be replaced soon)


Mardell is an expert navigator and cross country air racer.
She is a highly experienced top winning international cross
country race pilot and navigator who began racing in 1983
with the Palms to Pines Air Race flown from California
to Oregon.

Mardell Diana Main Haskins was born June 24, 1938 in Lindsay, CA, the oldest of identical twin girls. Both attended school at Strathmore, located in San Joaquin Valley, until the age of 16, when they went to boarding school in Virginia. Graduating
with an AA degree in 1956, Mardell earned a BS in Public Administration and Political Science from Cal Poly Pomona
in 1983.

In the next 20 plus years she flew an average of one race per month placing in the Top-Ten 80% of the time. She has raced in all the major races in the world as well as in most of the smaller races in the U.S. She has flown races in the Bahama Islands, Hawaiian Islands, New Zealand, Canada, and across the entire United States. She won the prestigious Air Race Classic in 1990, 1991 and came a close 2nd place in 1992, with a total of five Top-Ten wins in the ARC. First place finishes in The Mile High Race out of Denver Colorado, the His and Her Great Pumpkin Race in California, the Shamrock Air Race in Phoenix, Arizona. Coupled with her numerous Top-Ten finishes she is considered among the top cross country air race pilots.

Her aviation background includes membership in (and current Chairman of) the Las Vegas Ninety-Nines, Women in Aviation, International, and the British, New Zealand, and the Australian Women Pilots Associations. She is founder and chairman of Overton Airport Day established in 1994. Mardell received Women Pilot of the Year in 1996 and was awarded the prestigious Women Pilot Excellence Award in 1997, and she
is the only achievement award recipient given by the Inland Chapter of the 99’s.

An avid and enthusiastic air racer, she will bring not only considerable experience to our race team, (this will be the
14th time she has flown the Air Race Classic) but her dedication to precise details has helped make her one of the top women cross-country race navigators in competition racing.