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Vegas Showbirds
Classic Team 30


The Vegas Showbirds Classic Team 30 is a trio of women aviators who are all members of the Las Vegas chapter of
the Ninety-Nines Womens Pilots Association.

They formed the team in early spring of 2007 and had
been organizing and planning for the race for several months.
Their combined experience, competitive spirit and racing expertise promised an exciting entry in the 2007 race.

The team had a combined 12,928 flight hours, several first place air race awards, numerous top ten place awards, and a couple
of world records.

THIS was the team to watch!

Vegas Showbirds - Mooney
    From left: Theresa Bower, Media Liaison, Kathleen Snaper, Pilot in Command, and Mardell Haskins, Co-pilot / Navigator, stand in front of Classic Team 30's aircraft, an M20J Mooney.