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air race  

The Vegas Showbirds on the eighth day of the trip, and the SECOND day of this 4 day race!

Wednesday, June 20th - The Vegas Showbirds take off on the second day of the race.
We take off at Denison Airport, in Denison Iowa and proceed to Jefferson City, Missouri.
We continued to Bowling Green Kentucky and ended the day at Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Iowa Land  

We depart Denison Airport for the first leg to Jefferson City,
traveling through Iowa and Missouri before landing.
The land is green and has many small lakes and ponds.
Our average altitude was 3500. We dropped down to 2500
in some places due to hazy cloud layers.

Low altitude fly bys are at full power, and begin and end
the timing sequence for each leg. This leg found us doing
a fly by on runway 12 at Jefferson City (the end of the first
leg and the beginning of the second leg.

Jef City  

Jefferson City capitol building near the end of the runway.
It resembles the buildings in Washington D.C. in
architectural style.
bowling green  

Approaching runway 12 at Bowling Green Kentucky.
This low altitude fly by was at full power for fastest time.
Once we fly by the timing line (and are timed by the timers),
the clock stops, which allows us to cool the engine,
and leisurely come in for a landing.

Nathan Weber  

Nathan Weber, a local videographer from Kentucky,
video tapes the Vegas Showbirds and the aircraft at
Bowling Green airport before departure for our next leg
to Lewisburg, West Virginia (the 5th leg of the race).


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