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air race  

The Vegas Showbirds get ready to leave for the race.

Wednesday, June 13th - leaving Las Vegas

Henderson Home News interview 1  

Henderson Home News reporter Kate Alexander (left) interviews Russ Avery, owner of the Mooney aircraft, and Kathleen Snaper, pilot. Heather Cory, photographer for HHN (far right) prepares to take photos of the team.


Heather Cory, photographer for HHN, shoots pictures of Kathleen overseeing last minute details (new carpet and surface waxing).
  Heather Cory HHN photographer
Kathleen Snaper packs plane  
Kathleen Snaper packs the luggage into the cargo compartment after a thorough weight
and balance of all people and baggage are calculated to ensure proper distribution.

  Curtis Snaper photographer


Posing for a take-off photo in full Vegas Showbird regalia are (from left to right): Theresa Bower, Russ Avery (owner of
the Mooney aircraft), Kathleen Snaper
and Mardell Haskins.
Photo courtesy of Curtis Snaper.

tony waxing  

Our most valuable team player prior to
take-off is Tony Manitta, owner of Clearskies Aircraft Polishing . . . (Tony specializes in
fuel efficiency optimization). We swear by him!
He is seen here under the aircraft wing.
Photo courtesy of Curtis Snaper.


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