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air race  

The Vegas Showbirds on the sixth day of the trip, in Oklahoma City for pre-race events.

Monday, June 18th - The Vegas Showbirds attend a mandatory pilots meeting
and safety briefing. This is the day before the start of the race.

pilots briefing  

The Air Race Classic participants are required to attend a
mandatory safety meeting and pilots briefing where details
of the race and fly-bys are reviewed. Air space regulations,
tower communications, and timing procedures are explained
in detail. Most airports make special accomodations for the
racers. There are 44 planes that will take off one minute apart.
The Vegas Showbirds radio call sign is "Classic 30", as they
are the 30th aircraft to take off.


Cumulus clouds begin to break apart yielding scattered
clouds that will give way to a clear morning for take off.

This photo was taken in the early evening in Oklahoma City.

Mardell Haskins knows there are other race pilots
in the hotel room above us.

The tell-tale sign of a pilot in a hotel room?
Look closely at the end of the yellow arrow here, and you will see
a GPS antenna stuck to the window of the room above us.


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