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air race  

The Vegas Showbirds on the fifth day of the trip, in Oklahoma City for pre-race events.

Sunday, June 17th - The Vegas Showbirds visit the Oklahoma City Memorial,
First time racers briefing, and Take-off banquet "A Night to Remember"

Mardell and Kathleen in front of the OKC memorial wall  

We left the hotel early and drove to downtown Oklahoma City
to visit the Memorial that was dedicated in April 2000.

Mardell and Kathleen stand in front of the wall entrance to the Oklahoma City Memorial (west entrance near the church).

  weeping Jesus  
A statue of a weeping Jesus stands solemnly across the
street from the west wall entrance of the OKC memorial.

The day was overcast with light showers and a slight
breeze that wafted through the memorial grounds.
momentos left by relatives and friends  

Oklahoma City National Memorial west side fence:
A plaque explains items left by family and friends of their
loved ones lost during the explosion. This site has been
turned over to the National Park service who maintains
the grounds, including the display of momentos left by
people paying tribute in their own way.
wides shot of OKC memorial  

A wide shot of the Field of Empty Chairs just past the
Reflecting Pool (facing south west). The grass area that
contains the chairs is the footprint of the Murrah building.

The experience of being on these grounds is very moving.
firefighter graffiti  

Rescue workers at the site of the explosion spray painted
this message on the wall of the building north of the blast,
which now houses the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum. It says:
"We search for the truth, we seek justice.
The courts require it. The victims cry for it.
And GOD demands it!"


After the memorial tour, we went to Bricktown, downtown
Oklahoma City in the old part of town. There is a river walk
and some nice restaurants and open air bistros.

We ate brunch at a Mexican restaurant overlooking
the river walk.

firt time racers  
We travel back to the Biltmore Hotel for more events.

The first time racers attend a mandatory briefing for
procedures, and to familiarize themselves with the fly-by's,
scoring, timing, airspace, and flight plan requirements.

Information about the towered airports and airports in
class "C" airspace was also discussed.
Theresa Bower, Mardell Haskins and Kathleen Snaper  

In true Vegas Showbirds style, Kathleen Snaper,
Mardell Haskins, and Theresa Bower don their headress
glasses with flare and style, during the first time racers
briefing in the Shenendoah Ballroom at the hotel.
fly by charts posted on wall  

Kathleen examines the fly by charts posted on the wall with
timing line and approach details. Each fly by chart has
precise approach altitudes, runway, and timing line spots
marked. Each race team must follow the procedures for each
fly by in order to proceed to the next stop.

Kathleen Snaper, Theresa Bower, Mardell Haskins  

Kathleen Snaper, Theresa Bower, Mardell Haskins attend the Take-Off Banquet at the Biltmore Hotel. Guest speakers included the State of Oklahoma's Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins, and Dr. Terry von Thaden, (granddaughter of Louise Thaden, winner of the first women's air race in 1929).

Forty Five teams attended, two of those teams have 3 racers.
Total number of racers for this race is 92, in 45 planes.

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