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air race  

The Vegas Showbirds on the fourth day of the trip to Oklahoma City,
(and the first full day of activites in Oklahoma City).

Saturday, June 16th - Qualifying avionics repairs, aircraft inspection, credential checks
and Welcome Reception as we prepare for the start of the race.

Gary Taff fixes the comms  

Kathleen and Mardell observe Gary Christian,
avionics technician at Calvin Taff Electronics,
repairing communications equipment that was
damaged during the heavy rain storms between
Amarillo and Wiley Post which caused us to land with
only a hand held radio for communication with the tower.

inspection of aircraft for the race  

Bob Howard, race aircraft inspector, closes the cowling
after inspection and sealing the magnetos prior to the
aircraft going into impound, where it will stay until the
race begins Tuesday morning. This procedure ensures
the integrity of the racers and their aircraft.
Kathleen says A OK  
Passing inspection puts a big smile on Kathleen's face
as she gives a "thumbs up" (and a sigh of relief) as she
is notified that the plane easily passes inspection.
Procedures for inspection included the requirement
of each aircraft to display a U.S. customs sticker
which allows the aircraft to re-enter the U.S.
Radio station licenses were also required.
credentials inspection  
Checking credentials of the team consists of examining
the currency of medical certificates, pilots licenses,
log books, radio licenses, and bi-annuals. Passports
to Canada are verified, as this transcontinental race
finishes in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, which
requires passports for re-entry to the U.S.
pink boa procedures  
Kathleen and Mardell practice proper procedures
for wearing pink feather boas. A well executed "primp
and toss" maneuver was accomplished, as required
and expected of all Vegas Showbirds team members.

This race tradition continues with this example of team's
expression of the essence of the Vegas Showbirds.

Bill Thaden speaks  

Bill Thaden, son of Louise Thaden (winner of the first
women's air derby in 1929), stands in front of her winning Beech Travelair (which was custom designed for her by
Walter Beech) and speaks to this years particpants of
the women's air race at the Welcome Reception in the
Oklahoma City Omniplex.
Vegas Showbirds and 2 Thadens  
Bill Thaden and Dr. Terry von Thaden (Louise Thaden's son and granddaughter) pose for a picture with the Vegas Showbirds (Kathleen, Mardell and Theresa) at the end of the Welcome Reception.

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