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air race  

The Vegas Showbirds on the eleventh day of the trip, and the day after the race.

Saturday, June 23rd - The Vegas Showbirds are in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada!
We go sightseeing around this historic old town in Atlantic Canada, and meet some
charming people along the way. Racers make the newspapers and we're on TV too.

reverse falls path  

View of the bridge overlooking the Reversing Falls, and the
footpath leading down to an overlook. The Reversing Falls are
a unique phenomenon in New Brunswick as the tide here has
the most deviation in the world between high tide and low tide
(28 feet difference) and the tidal flow up river and down river
goes over rocks in this area which makes it "reverse" as the tide
goes in and out of the river area.


A jet boat dodges eddy's and whirlpools as it traverses
the Reversing Falls. On the banks of the river you can see
the tide level deviation marks (0 feet to 28 feet) and in the
far background is a Tropical Cruise ship docking in the
deepwater harbor of St. John.

Theresa Bower, Kathleen Snaper and Mardell Haskins  

Theresa Bower, Mardell Haskins, and Kathleen Snaper
stand at the overlook at the Reversing Falls. This day in
St. John is a well needed respite from the intense days
of racing and these Vegas Showbirds are grounded today.

The mouth of the St. John's Harbor at the site of an old
fort, Fort Latour, established in 1631. St. John is a very old
town and is the oldest incorporated city in Canada.

loyalist house  

The Loyalists house was erected in 1787 for those
colonists in the 13 colonies who fled that region during the Revolutionary war. These people who fled were loyal to the
King of England and did not want to side with the colonists.
This building now houses a museum of Loyalists artifacts.

Jeannette Prevost abitofglass@yahoo.ca  


Uptown St. John hosts an open air Saturday Market Street Faire
near the waterfront which features unique hand crafted goods by
local artisans. Pictured here is Jeannette Prevost, a stained glass
artist who sells her work uptown St. John.


The Vegas Showbirds land at Grannans Saturday night
for some great food and interesting conversations with
many local people, as we celebrate Mardell's birthday.

The food was good and the service was great!
Our server, Jon Kelly, grew up here in St. John and
was interested in aviation when he was young.


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