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air race  

The Vegas Showbirds on the twelveth day of the trip, and the second day after the race.

Sunday, June 24th - The Vegas Showbirds are in St. John, New Brunswick at the
Delta Hotel in the Trinity Ballroom for the Awards Banquet. This is the last event
for the Terminus activities in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.

art musician  

The awards ceremony opened with songs
performed by Brent Mason, a local musician from St. John
who grew up in Millidgeville, site of the original airport
for St. John. Amelia Earhart had landed there in the late
1930's on land which is now his family's home.

Brent sang a song about Amelia Earhart, which he had
written and composed.

  Theresa Bower, Mardell Haskins, Kathleen Snaper  

Theresa Bower, Kathleen Snaper, and Mardell Haskins,
the "Vegas Showbirds" strut their stuff at the awards
ceremony (decked out in pink feather boa's of course . . .
you know we're from Vegas baby!).

top ten teams  

The top ten teams who won are featured here for a photo session. Many of the same teams who won last year are
here again. Experience pays off. Each red ribbon holds
a medal for first place through tenth place.

The Vegas Showbirds pose for a photo with their
certificates and plaques at the conclusion of the
awards banquet.


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