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air race  

The Vegas Showbirds on the fourteenth day of the trip, and the second day of the trip home.

Tuesday, June 26th - The Vegas Showbirds depart Elmira, New York and travel through
Pennsylvania and stop for fuel in Columbus, Ohio and encounter haze all morning.
From Ohio, the route turns south to Evansville, Indiana, where inclement weather
grounds us for the rest of the day.

departing Elmira  

The Vegas Showbirds depart Elmira, New York with
a heading of 259 degrees (westbound) to Columbus, Ohio,
where we stopped for fuel.

The temperatures were very warm and the humidity was
so thick you could cut it with a knife. Visibility was VFR
with hazy skies the whole way. HOT AND STICKY.

Eastern New York  

Western New York and Pennsylvania is lush and green
with many lakes and rivers. Haze is still with us and
restricts visibility to less than 10 miles in any direction.



Through the haze
you see the wierdest
things when you're
flying at lower
altitudes. We are
flying at 2500 feet
and somewhere
between Pennsylvania
and Ohio is this
GIANT basket . . .
it's the Longaberger
basket company in
Newark, Ohio.

What an amazing site!

Columbus airport  

We stop at Columbus Airport in Columbus, Ohio for fuel.
Columbus is a Class "B" airspace that has large commercial
aircraft (747's, L1011's, for Continental, American and other
airliners). The sound of jets are deafening as we get out of
the aircraft to pay for fuel and get something to drink.


Thunderstorms brew on the horizon.

lightening   Evansville Airport in Evansville, Indiana is our port
in the storm. We encounter thunderstorms and lightening
and quickly landed after passing Cincinnati, after
traveling south to maneuver around the storm cells.

We were caught up in the tail end of this storm, and
landed here for the night.

Did we mention that it's STILL HOT AND STICKY?


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