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The Vegas Showbirds on the thirteenth day of the trip, and the first day of the trip home.

Monday, June 25th - The Vegas Showbirds depart St. John, New Brunswick, Canada,
as we begin the 2,500 mile journey west, to return to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Traveling southwest to Bangor, Maine, and then on through New Hampshire and Vermont to Elmira, New York, where they stayed Monday night.

  Breakfast at Delta Hotel overlooking the St. John Harbor  

We eat an early breakfast Monday morning
at Shuckers, Delta Hotel's restaurant that overlooks
St. John's Harbor, a deepwater harbor that hosts
cruise ships and commercial fishing boats.

    St. John Airport sign  

We drive to the airport to leave St. John.
This is the sign at the entrance to the airport
(automotive vehicle entrance).
The signs in Canada (like this one), are in
English and French.

  U.S. Canadian Border  
U.S. / Canadian border between
Maine and New Brunswick
is sparsely populated and beautiful.
There is a wide river that runs to the ocean
and divides the two land masses.

The weather is favorable, blue skies with some haze.
Glenns Falls Grumman Airplane Fly in  

We stop for fuel and spot an aircraft fly-in happening.

Almost 100 Grumman aircraft are lined up near the
taxiways at Glenns Falls Airport in New York
(between Bangor, Maine, and Elmira, New York).

We stopped for fuel and were greeted by several
dozen Grumman pilots, sharing their flying stories.


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